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The Bioinformatics Resource Page

GeneBioinformatics refers to a field of science that combines biology, information technology, and computer science to achieve new insights into biological concepts and develop a global perspective that represents different principles of biology. It can be applied to a wide variety of tasks that can contribute to the advancement of medical science and other fields.

Some of these tasks include the creation of custom medicines, the prevention and treatment of diseases, improvement of the environment, and the development of agricultural technology.

Bioinformatics can even help you determine which form of medical or life insurance is best for you or your family members. Insuring one's health and well being isn't the same as buying cheap liability car insurance so please don't dismiss it lightly or, worse, overlook it altogether.

Cars can be mended or replaced much easier than one's health so make sure you get a good assortment of whole life or term life quotes to compare. Ask questions about whole life vs term insurance to determine which is most beneficial to you. Both options are good investments but, just like bioinformatics, they accomplish different goals. Know which is the better buy for your personal situation before buying any form of insurance.

And while you're collecting those quotes, here is a list of websites that provide more information on bioinformatics.

General Bioinformatics Resources

  • Bioinformatics Timeline: A timeline that provides an account of the development of bioinformatics over the years.

Analysis of Gene Expression

  • Gene Expression: An article that offers a good description of gene expression.

Analysis of Mutations in Cancer

Analysis of Protein Expression

  • Human Protein Atlas: An atlas that shows the expression and localization of proteins in human cells.

Analysis of Regulation


Comparative Genomics

Computational Evolutionary Biology

Genome Annotation

High-Throughput Image Analysis

Modeling Biological Systems

Protein-Protein Docking

Sequence Analysis

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