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The Dangers of Smoking CigarettesHealth

Each year, there are approximately double the number of tobacco-related deaths than there are deaths from alcohol, car accidents, AIDS, suicide, crack, heroin, fires, and homicide combined. It is well known that smoking cigarettes can cause lung cancer, but there are many other illnesses and diseases that tobacco consumption can cause as well.

Smoking can cause very serious maladies. Serious illnesses caused by smoking cigarettes include pneumonia, emphysema, stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and other cancers, including cancer of the larynx, bladder, and esophagus. Some other health problems that cigarettes can cause include bad breath, or halitosis, and anxiety problems.

The financial ramifications of smoking are dire as well. Many of the illnesses, such as cancers, heart, and respiratory diseases, associated with smoking, may cause one to need long term care, which is very expensive. A smoker is not likely to find low health insurance quotes, as smoking is considered a health risk. The cost of purchasing cigarettes is very high as well.

Most people who begin smoking cigarettes eventually want to quit smoking. While it is difficult, it can be done. There are government resources available to help people quit. Some suggestions on how to quit include choosing a date to stop smoking, gathering support for your decision, and finding substitutes in your daily routine for the times that you might otherwise be smoking. There are also medications available from your doctor to help you stop smoking.

Here are some facts about smoking:

  • 23% of adults, or about 43 million people, smoke cigarettes.

  • More than 443,000 people die each year from smoking.

  • About 90% of adult smokers started smoking before age 19.

  • Every 6.5 seconds, a smoker dies.

  • Some of the chemicals in cigarettes include benzene, cyanide, formaldehyde, and ammonia.

  • Secondhand, or passive, smoke contributes to childhood asthma, ear infections, allergies, and cardiovascular disease among non-smoking adults.

  • 23 states have passed legislation banning smoking in public areas.

Quitting smoking today will give you a healthier tomorrow. The health benefits of quitting smoking begin immediately. For example, within 20 minutes of your last cigarette, your blood pressure and pulse rate decrease. In 24 hours, your chances of having a heart attack decrease. Talk to your doctor or healthcare professional about your desire to quit smoking today and add years to your life.

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