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C is for Cookie?

CookieCookie Monster first appeared in 1966 as a character designed by Jim Henson, though he looked significantly different. Henson had created three monsters known as Wheels, Crowns, and Flutes for use in a commercial for General Foods. The commercials were never used, but Henson still had the puppets and decided to use them for other purposes. Wheels was later used in sketches for an IBM film and on The Ed Sullivan Show as well as The Muppet Show.

Henson later used the puppet to make commercials for a potato chips before turning his attention to Sesame Street. The Wheels puppet was once again pulled out and this time introduced on the show. The character frequently interacted with Kermit the Frog and often ate background set pieces. At first the kids watching at home showed some fear towards the Cookie Monster, but warmed up to him in part because of the "C is for Cookie" song.

"C is for Cookie" was originally aired on March 28, 1972, though the song had already been released the previous year. Henson had asked his cast and crew to come up with different songs themed around letters of the alphabet and "C is for Cookie" seemed like a natural fit for the cookie loving monster. The original lyrics proclaimed, "C is for cookie and cookie is for me" and was later replaced with "C is for cookie that's good enough for me". The song has been covered by bands and performed by other actors on the show.

The controversy over "C is for Cookie" began in 2006. Numerous studies had discussed the problem of childhood obesity and others were speaking out and finding ways to stop the epidemic. PBS, which broadcasts Sesame Street, looked at ways to change their own shows to promote healthy eating and decided to target Cookie Monster.

In 2006 they aired a special episode of Sesame Street where the different characters discussed the importance of eating healthy. One of the characters sang a song where he declared that cookies were a sometime food, not a regular food. Cookie Monster ate the cookie, but PBS has since shown him eating cookies less frequently. The Cookie Monster was also sent onto other popular programs where he told viewers that cookies were a sometime food, including Martha Stewart and The Colbert Report. They've also shown the character claiming he enjoys fruits and eggplant.

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