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Health ProfessionalsIf you are a recent graduate from a health related field, your future is wide open. Health care jobs are always in demand. The increased demand for healthcare services allows for hundreds of new job opportunities; you just need to know where to look. This website has compiled a list of websites where you can find health job postings, professional associations, and other useful resources for an education in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Job Listing Websites

healthcarejobs.org - This website will help you find job postings in all of the healthcare related fields. From pharmacy and dietetics to LPN jobs, this website lists major employment opportunities in the health industry.

Careerbuilder - healthcare - Careerbuilder is a trusted name in employment. With a wide range of employment opportunities, Careerbuilder is sure to have the best listings in the healthcare field. This website is updated often, so check back frequently.

Health Careers - This websites provides an easy way to find not only job listings, but associations in the health care industry.

DMOZ job search - DMOZ is an open directory that lists thousands of websites that fall into specific categories. Under healthcare employment, you will find over 250 websites that provide job listings.

Med Hunting - This website is targeted specifically for medical and healthcare industry jobs. It even allows you to post your resume on the website, and search for jobs by keywords and locations.

Atlas Medical International - This website focuses on healthcare jobs internationally. You can search for jobs by specific regions in the country.

Healthstaff World Wide Associates Ltd - An international recruitment website. This website has the special feature of relocation assistance. If you are looking for a specific healthcare job in a certain region, you can get help with this website.

National Institutes of Health - The US Department of Health of Human Services provides a collection of job listings cover multiple fields in the healthcare and medical industries.

Healthcare Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics - A career guide to the health care industry. Find out information such as earnings, work conditions, and occupations in the healthcare industry.

Health Care Credentialing - A collection of data (both in PDF files and Microsoft Word) that breaks down the basics of the most commonly requested healthcare credentials.

US Department of Health and Human Services - The governmental website for all things health related.

HITSP - The Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel. This website provides information on the industry standards for health organizations and systems

National Library of Medicine - This website provides excellent information on all things health related. You can search for specific topics.

Credential Agencies

Medical Credentialing Service - A national medical credentialing service that specializes in source verification services.

The National Healthcareer Association (NHA) - Provides certifications in many healthcare profession. From Pharmacy technicians to clinical medical assistants, you can view the requirements credentials required to get certified in any specific healthcare career.

National Association of Social Workers - Credentialing Center - Specifically for social workers, this agency has 40 years of experience in developing healthcare credentials.

Professional Healthcare Associations

AAPA - The American Academy of Physician Assistants
AAOHN - The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
AANP - The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
ACPE - The American College of Physician Executives
AMT - The American Medical Technologists
ASGS - The American Society of General Surgeons
AAOHN - The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
HIMSS - Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

Healthcare Degrees

Healthcare Schools in the US - Find a listing for healthcare degree programs all throughout the United States

Guide to Healthcare Schools - This website provides a full listing of health care degrees and reviews from fields such as nursing, holistic medicine and medical administration.

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