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A Medical Student's Anatomy Learning Center

Human anatomy refers to the scientific study of the structure and form of the human body. For many people who are entering various health care fields, an understanding of human anatomy is a basic requirement. Medical LearningSince health care and the human body go hand in hand, health care providers have to know about various body parts and their functions. The study of human anatomy can be distressing and many students struggle with the subject without knowing where to get extra help. Nowadays, students can find many resources on the Internet which can help them develop a better understanding of human anatomy. This page serves as a supplemental guide to help students gain further knowledge on the subject. The following comprehensive resource list offers online dissections, simulations, animations, tutorials, lessons, and videos on human anatomy.

  • Human Anatomy Online: Full interactive lessons covering the head and neck, thorax, abdomen, back, upper extremity, lower extremity, and more.

  • Visible Body: Students can use this site to learn the names and relative locations of over 2,400 structures in the body.

  • Basic Human Anatomy: Human anatomy tutorial on the upper limb, lower limb, thorax, pelvis, and more with links to corresponding illustrations.

  • Anatomical Images: Offers high quality images of the head and neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, leg, and more.

  • Human Anatomy: Interactive modules on the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, circulatory system, and more.

  • Human Anatomy Dissection: Online lectures on vertebral column, spinal cord/coverings, human skull, mediastinum and heart, and so on.

  • Atlas of Human Anatomy: Excellent collection of atlases covering many parts of the human body.

  • Anatomic Images Online: Provides various high resolution cryosectional diagrams of human anatomy in vivid colors.

  • Structure of the Human Body: Great resource center on human anatomy with tutorials, dissector, flash cards, practice exams, and lots more.

  • Atlas of Human Embryology: Covers fertilization, cleavage, formation of the embryo, formation of the germ layers, and more.

  • The Whole Brain Atlas: Offers interactive lessons on normal brain, cerebrovascular disease, neoplastic disease, and so on.

  • Workshop Anatomy: A good place to find human dissection images, motion pictures, electron microscopic atlas, and more.

  • Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton: Provides modules on the shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, pelvis, knee, ankle, and more.

  • De Humani Corporis Fabrica: Many images of head and neck, thorax, upper limb, pelvis and perineum, and more.

  • Skeletal System: Many images of real human skull, vertebral column, thoracic bones, lower limb bones, and so on.

  • eSkeletons: Cool site with 3D skeletal images which can be rotated in many directions. Just click on a section of the skeleton to open a directory of associated bones.

  • Human Dissection: A collection of downloadable visual guide to the abdomen, upper limb, perineum, head, foot, pelvis, neck, and more.

  • Video Atlas of Human Anatomy: Many high quality videos on the upper extremity, lower extremity, trunk, head, neck, pelvis, internal organs, and reproductive organs.

  • Human Anatomy Images: Wide selection of human anatomy images on various body parts available in .GIF and .cdr formats.

  • Anatomy Slides: Offers many anatomy slides on bone, vascular, muscle, nervous, connective, male, female, glands, skin, respiratory, eye and ear, and more.

  • The Skull Module: An interactive lesson on the human skull covering paired cranial bones, unpaired cranial bones, paired facial bones, unpaired facial bones, and so on.

  • The Virtual Autopsy: Here's a great place to learn about human autopsy with cases by Ruth Mackay, Ajay Mark Verma, and Tim Taylor.

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