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Human PhysiologyPhysiology is defined as "the study of how living organisms function including such processes as nutrition, movement, and reproduction." The study of human physiology is concerned with cell, tissue, and organ processes, as well as how we interact with our environment. Physiology differs from anatomy because anatomy deals with the form and shape of the body and its parts, but the two branches of life science are frequently studied together.

For anybody studying physiology of the human body, including medical students, the curious general public, or patients trying to learn more about disease processes, the Internet is an excellent resource. Some of the best websites are listed below, categorized according to region of the body for quick reference.


Human Anatomy Online
This is an excellent physiology website that lets you select a body system for detailed information and pictures.

This site is both educational and fun, as it features labeling quizzes and timed games, as well as many detailed pictures of the human anatomy.

Martindale's Virtual Medical Center
This website is a great place to start research on almost any medical topic imaginable because of it is well organized and includes links to reputable medical resources.

Dr. Rose's Peripheral Brain
Links on the left side of this page correspond to different branches of medicine and allow the user to learn about physiology and disease processes for each body system.

Family Practice Notebook
This highly informational website breaks down human physiology and disorders through links and outline form.

This site is helpful for identifying bones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels of the body.


Learn about the physiology and anatomy of the brain with colorful pictures.

This site discusses the anatomy and functioning of the major parts of the brain and common types of brain tumors and how they are diagnosed.

This is a series of PowerPoint presentations on the nervous system.

This page features links to an online version of a book about brain development, learning, memory, sleep, and other brain functions.

Neuromuscular Disease Center
This site focuses on neuromuscular diseases in great detail and how they are diagnosed.

Neuroscience for Kids
This is a website full of pictures and interesting facts about the nervous system.

The Whole Brain Atlas
This is a site of MRI and PET images of the brain in normal and diseased conditions.


This site is all about histology that is presented in a conversational manner for both medical students and lay people alike.

Interactive animations make this site a fun place to learn about cells and more.

This site features links to microscopic images of cells and tissues.


Functions of the endocrine glands are explained along with common endocrine disorders.

Thyroid Resources Center
This site has easy-to-understand information about the thyroid functions and disorders.


Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body
Alphabetized links to the skeletal muscles of the body summarize the muscles' origin, insertion, action, and more.


The Medical Biochemistry Page
This is a comprehensive site about medical biochemistry.


Exercise Physiology Digital Image Archive
This is a collection of images relating to exercise physiology.


Blood Gases
Learn all about blood gases and the physiology of gas exchange.

Blood Compositions and Functions
This site discusses blood composition and function.


HeartPoint Gallery
Cardiology topics are presented through animated graphics and brief explanations.

The Human Heart
Learn all about the physiology of the heart and more as presented by the Franklin Institute.

American Heart Association
This is the official American Heart Association website.


American Lung Association
This is the American Lung Association website.

Topics in Respiratory Physiology
This site features detailed information about the physiology of breathing.


American Journal of Kidney Diseases
This is the website for the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Disorders of Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
This is a page that discusses disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance in detail, but unfortunately seems to have a lot of pop-ups.

National Kidney Foundation
This is the official website for the National Kidney Foundation.


Human Reproduction Problem Set
This is a site that teaches the user about the human reproductive system through a series of multiple choice questions and detailed answers.

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