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Women and Smoking

Woman SmokingMore convincing evidence appears each year to prove how detrimental smoking is to a woman's health. Lung cancer is just one of the many diseases that smoking can cause in women. Below are three examples of the damage that smoking can cause to a woman's health, and a list of online resources filled with information about the adverse effects that smoking has on women.

The first example of a disease linked to a woman's smoking habit is osteoporosis. According to, Effects of Smoking on Women, a woman who smokes is thirteen times more likely to develop osteoporosis than a non-smoking woman. Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bones that happens over time. The article goes on to explain that studies of postmenopausal women who smoke have revealed a higher risk of hip fracture due to a lower level of bone mineral density. In other words, a woman's smoking habit, especially if it's a long held habit, takes a toll on her bones without her knowing it. Visit, Osteoporosis and its Connection to Women's Smoking, and you'll read that as women age, they produce less estrogen, which is a hormone needed to maintain healthy bones. The toxins contained in cigarettes, the article points out, cause imbalances in the flow of estrogen, which results in a quicker rate of bone loss for women. In short, a hormone that is already dwindling in supply as a woman ages is put at further risk by the toxins contained in cigarettes.

A woman's reproductive health is also adversely affected by smoking. Travel to Smoking and a Woman's Reproductive Health, and you'll find that a young woman's smoking habit may affect the length of her childbearing years due to a decreased amount of eggs. In addition, she faces a possibility of early menopause. If a woman who smokes does become pregnant, she is putting her unborn child at risk. The facts found at Information on Smoking and Pregnancy makes us aware that a woman who smokes is at higher risk to have her water break early, causing a premature birth. Also, the baby is more likely to have a lighter birth weight. In addition, not only does smoking damage the mother's lungs, it causes harm to her baby's lungs as well.  

Smoking can have a detrimental affect on a woman's brain, as well. According to, The Effects of Smoking on a Woman's Brain, nicotine and other materials found in cigarettes run through a woman's bloodstream when she smokes. One of the organs that the nicotine goes to is the brain. It then proceeds to replace the natural chemicals in the brain that cause feelings of contentment. The nicotine dictates the feelings, while the brain demands more and more quantities of it. The natural chemical processes in the brain remain disrupted until the nicotine is out of a woman's system.

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